Receiving our Bread!

At The Purist Pantry, we bake each order fresh and aim to ship every order same-day for maximum freshness upon arrival to you – our valued customer!

Shipping Standards

We generally aim to ship all baked goods on Monday and Tuesday to ensure they arrive prior to the weekend and get into your pantry (or freezer) as close to the bake day as possible.  In some cases, primarily just in the Kootenay’s, we may ship out Wednesday if we are confident it will arrive next-day.

So with that in mind, our baking schedule and standard service standard is:

 For orders received by:

-       Thursday.  Bake and ship by the following Monday (4 days later)

-       Sunday. Bake and ship by the following Tuesday (2 days later).

 Note: we will always ship as soon as possible and in some cases, orders placed after Thursday can be included in the Monday bake & shipment.  You will receive a notification once your order has shipped.

 Statutory Holidays – we are closed for all statutory holidays (listed here) so baking and shipment will push back by one day assuming that still allows enough time for delivery prior to the weekend.

In any other cases where delivery will be delayed, we will alert you directly to ensure our planned delivery timing works for you.

Delivery, refunds and storage

Please ensure your address is entered properly and we will attempt to create an email delivery notification.

Given the fresh and artisanal quality of our product, we do not accept any refund for issues with incorrect addresses or items not picked up timely from the Post. If you will not be home when the order is expected to arrive, consider using a business or other address where someone will be available to receive the product.

Upon receipt of your order, your bread is best within the first 5-7 days after baking.  It should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and humidity.  It can be frozen at any time during the first 5-7 days and will hold its freshness for several months in the freezer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask

We appreciate your business and strive to delight you – thanks for looking for us and we hope we get the opportunity to serve you!